Study Options

Internet/online study option grants students the flexibility to adjust their study schedule to meet personal, professional, and ministry responsibilities experienced by adult learners.

This option allows students with busy schedules to complete courses online from the convenience of their homes.  Special arrangements may be made for on-site classes, subject to the approval of the Dean.


All applicants must complete the application for admission either in paper form/online.  A non-refundable application fee of $20 must accompany the application package.  Each applicant will be assessed according to his/her statement of faith, academic background, professional and personal goals, and evaluated on the basis of the application, official transcripts, and references.  Students who had earlier completed a ministry-related degree, diploma, or certificate program will be considered for automatic admission.

A high school diploma or GED is required for admission and enrollment in this program.

How do I Enroll

1. Enroll with your name, email address, state and country of resident. When you do this you have started the Online Ministry Training Admission process.

2. Go to Academics, scroll down and click the link choose plan below.

3. Receive a confirmation email from Wosem Bible Institute and a password.

4. Log in with your email and password and begin the required orientation to get your class started.

5. WBI recognition system will help you progress as far as you need to go.

Accreditation Disclosures

Wosem Bible Institute (WBI) currently grants religious certificates and diplomas. WBI is not accredited by any state or federal accrediting agency. However, our academic programs are recognized by several organizations.

Our programs are available to everyone regardless of state of residence or country of origin.

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