Wosem Bible Institute Study Programs

Presently, WBI study programs offers two levels of awards that are each aimed at a unique end-goal for students. Each certificate or diploma award can serve as either an end-result or a stepping stone toward the next award. The stepping stones make it easier for students to recognize their achievements as they work toward higher goals. Whether you are seeking a leadership position in your church, a refresher on things you learned long ago, or just personal edification and enrichment, WBI has a study program that’s right for you!

Here are our available Programs:

Diploma Courses
1. Advance Church History
2. Christian Communications & Leadership
3. Hermeneutics & Homiletic
4. Bible & Social Impact

Certificate Courses

1. How the Bible Came to us
2. Introduction to Church History
3. Christian Education & Family Life
4. Missions & Evangelism
5. Christian Communications & Leadership

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