About Us

What is WBI

Wosem Bible Institute (WBI) is a non-denominational, non-degree awarding, adult-education school which aims at educating, training, & empowering emerging & existing Christ-centered leaders for propagation of the Gospel (the core-mandate of CAC WOSEM). WBI is set to equip church workers with or without formal bible training for challenges of ministry work: Eph 4: 10-13. It is also for any Christian who seeks to get theoretical and practical knowledge for their different callings  in Ministry. The school is designed to provide advanced training and equipping in biblical and doctrinal studies, ministry, and leadership skills.


WOSEM Bible Institute (WBI) exists to bridge the gap of necessity and time.

  • Many believers who cannot afford the cost (time, money, etc.) of traditional seminary education can now attend their home-church, Bible School without the high cost associated with formal institutions of higher learning.
  • The Bible School is able to meet the spiritual needs of adults and other working class believers who are not completely satisfied with the weekly Sunday School & Bible Study hours (Evangelical Training Association, 2004).
  • WOSEM Bible Institute is able to focus on equipping and training gifted and professional members, workers, and adults who are emerging as church leaders and critical ministry resources for the Great Commission (Matt 28: 20; Eph 4:12).
  • WOSEM Bible Institute wants to empower people for ministry works by combining Bible knowledge and ministry skills for effectiveness. The school is proofing day by day that there is more to ministry than knowing the Bible (2Tim 2:2).

How does WBI plan to achieve its Objectives?

WBI seek to achieve this mission by:

  • Facilitating biblical, ministry, & theological education for men and women to become powerful champions for Christ especially in the eldership ministries of Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers, & Pastors: Eph. 4: 11&12
  • Educating, equipping, and empowering emerging and existing Christ-centered leaders for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Enhancing and broadening different ministries for gifted workers who attend WOSEM Bible Institute. They will be opportuned to do more in a school setting than what their regular church schedules can offer.