Welcome to Wosem Bible Institute.

We know something about you already that you may not know. We know you are on a mission. You are on a mission to accomplish your ministry dream. You have been searching the internet and you still may not know what that is quite yet but It doesn’t matter. You are on a mission. We want you to think about it. What is your ministry goal? Regardless of what that is, Wosem Bible Institute is here to help you make that dream a reality. You’re search is over.

Are you a new or an experienced Christian seeking an accelerated learning path? Wosem Bible Institute offers over 60 credit hours of high-quality classes. Our Bible School curriculum is Biblical. You can pick from over 32 college-grade Classes that include Bible Survey, Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Church and Ministry, Church History, Ethics, Missions and Revival, New Testament Greek and many others. We keep adding more!


Be assured that that there is no way you can attend WBI and remain the same if you put your heart and mind to our deliveries. Be assured of drinking from the well of knowledge of our faculty and you will be so full that every aspect of your spiritual deformation will disappear. Thereafter, you will begin to approach the Bible, the Church, and Ministry with a greater understanding and appreciation of what God is doing in creation. Thank you so much for your attention. Remain blessed in Jesus name (amen).